esball国际平台客户端 is committed to "sustainability in all we do." We value our natural environment. If you value it too -- and want to be involved in its protection -- we offer incredible opportunities to learn and develop your capacity to work toward a sustainable future for us all.

Through our Institute for a Sustainable Environment (ISE), faculty experts in relevant disciplines -- from biology and business to philosophy and political science -- help students meet the environmental and sustainability challenges of a swiftly changing world. Clarkson has a major climate action goal: to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. Students are at the heart of our initiatives, learning and acting through classes, clubs and volunteer efforts.

We offer sustainability-related majors, minors and research opportunities that take students out of the classroom and into the field. And campus clubs bring together students who share a passion for our planet.

Unique course options, flexible and personalized curricula, and critical hands-on experiences in a technology-rich environment combine to set our graduates apart in their chosen fields. 

Our Major 可持续性 Initiatives

Student-Endorsed 可持续性 Projects

Students vote and volunteer to make these projects come to life each year. Some of the projects we've completed include: installation of prototype ducted wind turbine; increased access to and protection of campus natural resources; construction of cold-climate greenhouse for research, classes and club activities; and establishment of bike-friendly infrastructure and bike rental program. 

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Take a deeper dive into the United Nations' goals here.

esball国际平台客户端, our work-in-progress is moving to align courses, research and operations with their relevant Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) so we can all show how we integrate sustainability in all we do.

Students Engaged in 可持续性

Environmental science and 政策 major Angie Zeoli is working with the Bike Program through the 大学图书馆, offering students use of bicycles around campus and the area. 

Watch 可持续性 Student Intern Angie's Story

The Adirondack Park and Beyond

The Adirondack Semester lets undergraduates from all majors live as resident explorers, 企业家, environmental scientists, 诗人, and 政策 advocates of the Adirondack Park, one of the largest protected landscapes in North America anA moose in the wildernessd Clarkson's "backyard."

Students who are committed to learn about environmental science, 政策, economics and the human history and contemporary issues of the Adirondacks are encouraged to apply. Learn more about the Adirondack Semester.

For those who want to go further afield, we also offer a two-week intensive work/study experience at Devil's Thumb Ranch in Colorado's Rocky Mountains, and study abroad programs around the globe. 

From the Adirondacks to the Netherlands

Mackenzie Peters '23, recently graduated with a bachelor's in Environmental Engineering 辅修了 Environmental Science. Mackenzie grew up in the Adirondack Park and always knew she wanted to help the environment and lead a life of sustainability. That led her to Clarkson, and eventually to the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. 阅读她的博客文章 about her time abroad, her experiences at Clarkson, and the job waiting for her after graduation!

Read Mackenzie's Blog Post


There are so many ways to get involved in sustainability efforts on campus. Here are just a few:

  • Join the Garden Club to grow fresh organic vegetables for our campus community.
  • Collect and feed food waste to the campus anaerobic digester.
  • Walk, hike, and bike our wooded trail system or paddle the Raquette River with our 郊游俱乐部.
  • Analyze data from the campus solar and wind power systems.
  • Design and test a zero-emission snowmobile with a 速度的团队.
  • Join Engineers for International 可持续性 to design low-cost solutions for clean water or energy.